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Chios Chandris Hotel
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The CHIOS CHANDRIS has everything you need to relax and enjoy your time on the island. Whether you choose to spend your day sunbathing by our outdoor swimming pool, or take a 300m walk to the well-organized Bella Vista beach for a cool dive in the clear waters of the Aegean, we guarantee a wonderful, comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Other fascinating seaside locations include Karfas, Agia Fotia, Ormos Lo and Daskalopetra, home of the so-called Homer’s Rock where the epic bard supposedly used to sit and recite his poems! All of them more or less a ten-minute drive from town, feature lovely cafés and taverns, offering visitors the opportunity to combine a leisurely swim with cool refreshments or a delicious lunch by the sea. Moreover, the island boasts of many long beaches, including the nearby Bella Vista, Velonas and Agia Dynami, which are ideal for windsurfing.

The island of Chios

One of the most prosperous and cultured islands in the Mediterranean since ancient times, Chios is famed for its natural beauty, fertile soil, delightful climate and remarkable traces of a thriving Byzantine and Genoese past.

South of Chios Town lies Kampos, a wooded valley of citrus groves dotted with imposing walled mansions and yellow-red stone country houses belonging to old Chiot families. Further south are the almost intact medieval mastihohoria villages, famous for their mastic, a resin of the lentisk tree grown nowhere else in the world. Once a monopoly of the Sultans and an extremely popular delicacy in Istanbul, mastic is gathered in the form of crystals and used in the flavoring of liqueurs and the manufacturing of chewing gum and pharmaceutical products. The best preserved mastihohoria are the labyrinthine Pyrgi, home to the state of the art Chios Mastic Museum, and Mesta, two of the most extraordinary fortified villages in Greece, featuring narrow arched alleyways and stunning house facades incised with black and white geometric patterns, known as xysta.

Inhabited by friendly, hospitable and enterprising people, the town of Chios is a shipping center and a bustling port boasting of a Genoese castle that encloses an atmospheric old quarter with narrow alleys and medieval houses. Here, one can visit the Giustiniani palace-museum, the church of St. Georgios and the tomb of Kara Ali, the Ottoman admiral who supervised the 1822 massacre of Chios, depicted in Delacroix’s famous painting in the Louvre. Town attractions include the Archaeological Museum and the well-stocked Korais Library, as well as a lively market area and a beautiful public garden.

Other most frequently visited sites include Anavatos, a castle-town set up on a precipitous cliff, Avgonyma, an evocative medieval village with stone cube-like houses, and, above all, Nea Moni, a striking Byzantine monastery founded in the 11th century by the Emperor Constantine Monomachos. Standing in a spectacular mountain setting overlooking the town of Chios, this UNESCO World-Heritage site and one of Greece’s greatest architectural and artistic treasures, is decorated with outstanding mosaics that rank among the finest examples of Byzantine art worldwide.

For more information please visit the www.chios.gr website.